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I'm sure you already have at least a vague idea of the "look" you want for your home. Today more than ever you have many options with a broad range of excellent qualities to choose from. You can bet there's a perfect choice (or three!) for your project that will bring you pleasure for years to come.

When you think about it, what do you first notice when you enter a home or place of business? Chances are it will be what you are walking on that first attract your attention. And with so many types of materials to choose from, this is a great place to acquire some knowledge before you go shopping.

Some materials are better suited for certain areas than others, some are high-maintenance while others require very little, do I want one that will last indefinitely or will I be wanting a change in a few years, can I install it myself or will it require a professional to do it and of course there is the over-all cost to consider, too.

Some materials have very desirable, built-in characteristics, like anti-bacterial and insulation barriers (cork & rubber) that make them much more attractive than others for these reasons alone.

So... I encourage you to take your time. Keep an open mind... give yourself some space to plan and research different possibilities.

I invite you to explore our website. Inside you'll find answers to most (hopefully all) of your questions and... tons of tips, advice and ideas that will inspire you and help you create that unique and gorgeous look you've been dreaming of, adding elegance, luxury and value to your home.

Whatever flooring project you have in mind... this website will be your guide to success and satisfaction.

We sincerely try to surpass your expectations in everything we do and hope that you find this site informative and enjoyable.

Good luck and enjoy!

Flooring: Take a Look at All Your Options

Flooring: Only four distinct "groups" but loads of variety! Discover what is available to find the one for you.

Floor Tile Comparisons

Floor tile has many attributes that make it a very popular floor covering... With tons of colors and materials available, price ranges to fit any budget and excellent durability qualities, whats not

Hardwood Flooring Is Valued For Its Ageless Style and Durability

Hardwood flooring remains a popular flooring option prized for its timelessness, warmth, durability and design versatility, but you have many choices. Get started by

Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Choosing the Right Cleaner

Choosing the right hardwood floor cleaner is an important decision that may effect your warranty and condition and longevity of your floor. Find out what to use and what to avoid for your type of

Hardwood Floor Care: DO's & DON'Ts

Keeping a regular hardwood floor care and cleaning routine will prolong the life of your floors and keep them looking their best... find out how

Hardwood Floor Finish Guide

Hardwood floors are protected with a hardwood floor finish. A simple test will determine the type of "finish" on the wood floor and the proper cleaning agents and tecniques to use... Find out how!

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

No more worries about how to clean hardwood floors if you follow a few critical steps. Read

Floor Molding is Also Called Floor Trim, Baseboard or Base.

Floor molding can change the look in your home from basic to beautiful!

Cleaning Hardwood Floors: A Complete Guide

Cleaning hardwood floors is simple, it's all about cleaning the finish! Find out what is on your wood floor...

Laminate Flooring: Sleek, Smooth, Impressive Simulations...

Do you love the look of hardwood, stone or ceramic floors, but not the price? Laminate flooring's sleek look and smooth finish is impressive! With an amazing range of effects at affordable

Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring

Laminate vs hardwood flooring began 25 years ago when laminate woods were first introduced to the flooring industry. Since then the competition between the two has grown and it is strong!

Laminate Wood Flooring

Affordable, durable and realistic, laminate wood flooring simply "clicks" together making

Installing Laminate Flooring Can Be Done In A Weekend...

Looking for tips on installing laminate flooring? Learn the step-by-step how to, and time involved...

Tips For Cleaning Laminate Floors

Cleaning Laminate Floors Couldn't Be Easier! Preserve the luster, eye appeal and your investment with these cleaning steps...

Bamboo Flooring Makes an Exceptional Hardwood Floor Covering

Bamboo flooring possess unique qualities and features that differ from other hardwoods, providing a truly different option in the hardwood flooring industry.

Bamboo Floors: Environment & Manufacturing

Bamboo floors unique features and environment friendliness contribute to its popularity growth over traditional hardwood flooring, but there are manufacturing issues you should be aware of...

Bathroom Flooring: A Guide To A Great Looking Floor!

Bathroom flooring comparisons to help you decide which flooring type works best for you.

Bathroom Floor Tile Top Choices...

Undecided about which bathroom floor tile to use? Here you'll find information about the best ones available...

Best Kitchen Flooring Materials...

Kitchen flooring needs to be tough! Some of the least expensive flooring materials make the best kitchen floors. Find out which ones work the best...

Ceramic Tile Flooring: A Big Winner In the Flooring Industry

Ceramic tile flooring make fantastic looking floors! They have become one of the top flooring picks available today... read on to find out why!

Ceramic Floor Tiles: A Favorite for Kitchens and Bathrooms...

Ceramic floor tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They add beauty to any home and a popular choice that is reasonably priced...

Cork Flooring: An "Amazing" Resilient Flooring Material...

Ahhh cork flooring... Considered one of the finest flooring material in the industry! Spectacular, warm, with "built-in" features not found in ANY other flooring material! Read on...

A Cork Floor Has Incredible Composition Properties

Cork Floor Highlights - This very remarkable flooring material has much more going for it than it's incredible eye appeal! Read on and learn all about cork!

Cork Floors: Environmental Impact

If you like nature you'll love cork floors! An all natural product with unique properties not found in any other flooring material

Concrete Flooring - Unlimited Possibilitie

With concrete flooring the possibilities seem endless. Do you like the

Stained Concrete Floors Have Become Exceptionally Popular!!

Stained concrete floors are beautiful and consumers love them! So many choices, easy maintenance and durability are only part of the attraction.

Garage Flooring: A Guide To The Best Garage Floor Protection

Garage flooring is booming! Today you have many options. Discover the pros and cons of each

Garage Floor Paint: Getting Rid Of The Gray

Garage floor paint will do wonders for your garage! With a little elbow grease and a bucket of paint you'll have your garage floor looking like a showroom! Read on..

Granite Tile: Fabulous Flooring For A Lifetime

Granite tile is naturally elegant with many distinctive features that create a very impressive, memorable flooring... check it out!

Linoleum Flooring: Classic, Comfortable Versatility

Classic, comfortable versatility, linoleum flooring has a lot to offer! Are you wanting to "spice" up or soften the look of a room?

Marble Flooring: What To Look For and Proper Care

Marble flooring is hard to compete with! A glorious Stone that stands out from all the others... find out all about on!

Radiant Floor Heating: Silent, Unseen, Clean, Comfy, Even Heat...

Radiant floor heating systems are silent and unseen. No noisy fans spewing dust or vents to clean, just a clean, even blanket of heat where you want it!

Rubber Flooring: Contemporary Flooring To Get Excited About

Rubber flooring has become modern and stylish! If you haven't checked lately, take a good look....

Slate Flooring Adds Character To Any Room

Versatile, durable slate flooring has much to offer! It is rustic yet modern, rugged yet beautiful, and has loads of appeal... check it out!

Slate Floor Tiles Have Their Own Uniqueness

Slate floor tiles are incredibly durable, rich with colors and patterns, and no two are the same, which only adds to its eye appeal!

Terrazzo Flooring: Classy, Ultra Modern Floors Designed By You!

Terrazzo flooring presents a classy, contemporary look of elegance. With its highly polished and smooth finish, it is increasingly the flooring of choice...

Travertine Tile: Simple, Soothing Beauty To Warm Your Home

Travertine tile is extremely durable with a delicate, warm appearance you will enjoy the beauty of for years to come ... learn all about this natural stone.

Vinyl Flooring: So Many Choices

With vinyl flooring you can design a floor that suits your personality, style and budget! Your choices are many. Be as creative as you like, its up to you...

Vinyl Floor Tiles: Is It For You?

Vinyl floor tiles are not what they were 10 years ago! Affordable and practical, with superb durability and realistic beauty, they can be installed in any space of the home...

Plan Your Flooring Installation By Following These Effective Tips!

Flooring installation requires planning and preparation. Do it yourself or hire a professional? Consider your choice of flooring material and skill level to on

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