Concrete Flooring
Unlimited Possibilities

With concrete flooring the possibilities seem endless! It's no wonder this flooring material has become so popular.

Do you like the idea of creating your own unique floor? You can do exactly that with this type of flooring.

Acid-Stained concrete can transform a normally gray "slab" into a beautiful work of art! The outcome of combining color and texture to this material will leave you in awe when you see the results!

Patterns and designs can be "stamped" into the concrete to make it look like tiles, brick, stone or whatever you choose. Have it "poured" for a seamless look or install tiles, either way your creativity will shine through with a one-of-a-kind, great looking floor...

Although it can be cold to the touch, this material doesn't have to be. Its thermal properties give it the ability to store and radiate heat, so any heat source (like the sun coming through windows) will be absorbed by a concrete floor and help warm up a room in colder weather.

Or, implanting radiant heating cables in the concrete will keep the floors nice and warm, plus you can control the temperature... warm floors in the winter and cool floors in the summer. Cool floors will keep a room cooler and help reduce the use of air conditioning in hot climates, a perfect scenario for concrete.


Compared to other flooring materials, the initial cost for concrete is relatively inexpensive.

Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay $8-$12 per sq foot installed. The more artistic and "decorative" the design, patterns and colors, the more it will cost. It is amazing what a skilled flooring artist can create with concrete.

Another thing to consider is the low maintenance costs for a concrete floor, versus a more expensive material with higher maintenance costs. Over time you will have saved money and find choosing this type of flooring is a smart decision... both in appearance and costs!

General Information

Often times concrete is confused with cement, but they are two totally different materials! However, cement is one of the materials needed to make concrete, but concrete is NOT used to make cement...

Consider the health benefits for people with allergies... no fiber!

Like any hard floor, it can be loud and hard to walk on, but you can reduce any noise coming from the flooring by using area rugs, which are also softer to walk on. Not only will they absorb the noise they will add to your decor, too.

They can also be slippery if NOT treated with a non-slip additive. This can be added to the sealer or stain before it is applied to the floor.

The final step to installing a concrete floor is to apply a protective sealer. The sealer prolongs the life of the floor and preserves/enhances its appearance, so it is extremely important the sealer you choose is of the highest quality.


When it comes to durability and longevity it is comparable to natural stones like marble or slate (without the expense) but a whole lot easier to maintain.

Under normal foot traffic in a home, regular sweeping and mopping will keep it looking like new for many years.

Over time (years) it is likely the protective sealer coat will wear off and can become spotty, especially in areas where foot traffic is high, like a hall way.

When this happens you have choices on how to remedy the problem. You can wax, polish or re-seal the floor

If need be, contact your local concrete floor installer and get a professionals opinion to determine which maintenance procedure will work best for your situation.

We hope you find this information helpful and come back soon!

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