Cork Flooring
Nature's "Wonder" Material!

Ahhh cork flooring...Considered one of the finest flooring material in the industry...

Spectacular, distinctive, warm, inviting and rich with "built-in" features not found in ANY other type of flooring material, cork is considered the "ultimate" resilient floor covering...

Durable, resilience and resistance are "natural" characteristics of cork that make it such an outstanding floor covering!

Like other types of flooring, cork is available in a vast array of colors ranging from neutrals to deep reds, aqua, black, green, yellow and on and on it goes.... Something for any decor and every lifestyle.

There's more! You also have choices in patterns, designs, thickness, rolls, sheets, tiles or planks... just imagine. With so many choices, making a decision won't be easy!

Whether you're looking for elegance or charm, simple or extravagant, with so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless...

And no matter what you choose, your cork floor will undoubtebly attract a lot of attention!

Features & Benefits

Cork is suitable for any area in your home or business. It is available in several thickness, and choosing the right one for you all depends on the amount of traffic the designated area is subjected to.

Cork floors have been around since the early 1800's, and it is not unusual for cork floors to last 50-100 years or longer! Nature built it to last... and that it does!

Cork's cellular composition makes it extremely durable and resilient. Because of it's ability to "bounce" back, floors made of cork are less affected by impact or friction than hard surfaced floors, like wood or tile.

A natural, waxy substance called Suberin occurs in cork making it one of the best natural seals available and resistant to insects, mold, mites, termites and rot.

Its ability to form a barrier against moisture and bacteria building colonies virtually keep it "germ free". BUT not immune to water or other liquids, so clean up those spills ASAP...


Cork has a natural resistance to moisture and dust that make this flooring very easy to clean.

Its insulating and sound proofing properties provide a way to reduce heating costs and act as a noise buffer at the same time.

Because it has such great natural benefits (like insulating properties and mold resistance) not found in any other type of flooring, its not unusual to find cork underlay installed underneath other types of floor-coverings...


Compared to many other types of flooring, cork floors are very affordable with price ranges to fit most budgets.

Even the most "extravagant" cork combination (color, design, etc) will cost farless than hardwood or stone flooring, usually about half as much. Did this get your attention? Read on....

The Environment

Cork is the ideal sustainable "harvested" resource.

Cork flooring actually has a positive impact on our environment by promoting the growth, harvesting and survival of the endangered cork oak forest found in the Mediterranean.

Of course, this also maintains jobs in the region. Cork is manufactured with age-old traditions from the bark of living cork oak trees.

Taking Care of Cork Flooring

Sweep your floors gently and often with a soft brush. Cork is soft and easily scratched, so removing abrasive dirt particles is a must for keeping your floors looking their best.

Cork is not immune to water, or other liquids, so ALWAYS wipe up spills ASAP! Too much water/moisture on cork will cause it to swell up like a sponge...

Regular cleaning is essential and easily done with a mixture of dish washing soap and water (1/4 cup to 1 gal./water) and a very damp sponge mop.

OR you can purchase the special products available for cleaning and enhancing floors made of cork. These can be purchased from your flooring distributor or your local hardware store.

When your floor starts looking dull it is time to reseal them with an acrylic varnish. Be sure to sand the surface very lightly with fine-grade sandpaper before applying the varnish. Your flooring dealer will know exactly what type of sealer works best on cork.


For the DIY (do-it-yourself) you couldn't have picked an easier type of flooring to install!

Choose from pre-glued, glue-less or tongue & grove... more later on installation advice.

For wet areas like the kitchen or bathroom a water based polyurethane sealant is recommended. To make it easier, purchase the tiles already sealed by the manufacturer...

Note: Some sealants are harmful to the environment... check first with the flooring distributor on the type of sealant you have chosen before buying.

Cork has many great qualities, with excellent features and benefits that make it a top contender with consumers shopping for flooring! No doubt this explains the reason it is making such a "big" come back in the flooring industry world...

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