Cork Underlayment
One of Nature's Marvel!

Cork underlayment is nature's miracle and an astonishing flooring material! Its composition naturally resists moisture, rot, mold, insects and prevents bacteria growth so there are no germs...

With a physical structure made up of air cells (more than 100 million per cubic inch), cork has the ability to absorbe shock, reduce sound transmissions and provide thermal insulation ALL at the same time!

Plus, by itself (no sealants applied) it is naturally fire retardant and will NOT spread flame or produce combustionable, toxic gases!!

Often referred, to as the "WONDER" material, we can thank nature for providing it!! And what a great job she did...

I am not aware of any other (natural or man-made) flooring material with a composition as effective as cork, are you?

Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, it is truly an environmentally friendly, renewable resource... No trees are being destroyed to make any cork products.

In fact, with each harvest of the Cork Oak tree (once every 9-12 years), the number of pounds removed increases. That is how the cycle of harvesting cork works!

Cork Underlayment Highlights

Cork underlayment, or underlay, is manufactured just like cork flooring , the only difference is the thickness of the finished product.

With it's ability to reduce sound, absorbe shock and provide thermal insullation, it is ideal for under hard-surfaced floors like hardwood , natural stone and ceramic tile flooring, but it can be used under any type of flooring material and in any room.

Available in sheets or rolls of various dimentions, one style may work better than the other for your situation. Although thickness do vary, the most common used is 1/8th and 1/4th inch.

Your cork flooring distributor will know exactly what you'll need!

You may want the satisfaction of doing the installation yourself instead of hiring a professional... It is quite easy to do, and doesn't require any special skills. If you like DIY projects (do-it-yourself) this is a good one!

If you need help getting started, check out a how-to book on flooring installation from your library, or buy one at the book store and you're in business!

The better books will make it real easy for you to follow with step-by-step, detailed instructions and diagrams, plus a list of the tools you'll need for the job.

And if you don't already have the tools on hand, you could borrow or rent them.

One book I really like is "The Flooring Handbook".

How much will it cost? Considering what it will save you over time, cork underlayment is cheap!

Depending on the thickness and number of square feet you will need, prices range from $.44 - $1.70 a sq/ft. About the same as hardwoods.

Today, there are many types of flooring underlayments on the market, but not ONE of them can compare to the unique qualities that make cork such an ideal, time-tested choice.

Cork has such great benefits, its no wonder it is one of the fastest growing flooring products on the market today... Mention cork and you've got my attention!

I think you'll be impressed with this flooring underlayment!

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