Garage Floor Paint:
Concrete Doesn't Have To Be Gray!

Garage floor paint will do wonders for your garage! we all know gray concrete floors are not pretty! So why not give your garage floor a face lift!!

The trend is to have your garage floor look as good as the floors inside your home... One sure, affordable way to do this is to paint the floor!

Two of the most popular types of garage floor paints available are concrete and epoxy. Both are designed to protect, brighten and cover that drab, gray concrete floor...

However, not all paints are created equal! Choosing the right garage floor paint for your project may be tougher than you think... do your homework before you buy!

Read the label, ask a lot of questions, always buy quality concrete compatible floor paint, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations...

The average 2-car garage floor size is 450 sq/ft., and getting the area ready to paint could take up to three days of preparations!

Thorough cleaning, scrubbing and etching (if needed) before painting takes time and elbow grease, but applying the first layer of paint will take about one hour.

Painting concrete is not like painting is more time-consuming, labor intensive and requires more steps.

Plan on 2-3 gallons of paint per coat, and for best results apply at least two thin-layers of paint, but three or four may be what is recommended by the manufacturer. Read the instructions and label on the paint container, and after applying a couple of coats you can decide if your floor needs more.

NOTE: Garage floor paint may not bond to concrete if a curing compound is present.

Concrete Paint

More affordable than epoxy paint, more colors to choose from and easier to find...

Read the manufacturer's instructions about weather conditions and painting. Most concrete paint will bond as long as the temperature is 50 F or higher and the humidity is low.

Not as durable as epoxy, but will still do a great job protecting your garage flooring and last many years. Very resistant to most corrosive materials and stains. Easy to clean with household detergent and water (low, low maintenance) but may require a touch up in high-traffic areas before it is time to re-paint the entire floor...

Garage floor paint can be any color, pattern or design you want when painting with concrete paint... There is a whole host of colors available and most hardware or home center stores will have them on their shelves...

Before painting, the flooring must be thoroughly cleaned, free of leaks, stains and flaking paint, all cracks filled in and the floor properly primed.

As with any paint job, preparation of the site to be painted is the key to a job well-done... Before painting the floor put a coat of primer on it, first. It will make it much easier to paint and ensure an even spread of the paint.

Depending on how well prepared the floor is, it will take 2-4 layers of paint to have it looking like a "showroom". Follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

To preserve the paint for years to come, apply a coat or two of sealer once the paint has dried. Most sealants are noxious so you need to keep the site area well-ventilated when sealing it and wearing a face mask is a MUST...

Epoxy Paint

Considered one of the toughest floor paints available, epoxy is extremely durable, stain/corrosion resistant, easy to clean, long-lasting and requires little maintenance once you get it applied.

BUT, epoxy is not for all concrete floors.. it will not hold on concrete that has been sealed or has moisture seeping into it from the ground. A couple of tests will determine if you can put epoxy on your floor.

Sealants on concrete block the pores and prevent absorption. Apparent condensation indicates moisture is coming through the concrete from the ground. Either one of these conditions is a "red" flag that your garage flooring will not hold epoxy.

Epoxy paints are either solvent or water based. Solvent based is caustic, emits strong, lingering fumes but does not loss its thickness when applied like water base will. Water based is easier to handle, contains no caustic materials, fumes disappear quickly and it is friendlier for the environment.

Compared to ordinary concrete paint, epoxy may be more durable and have a longer life span BUT it is also more costly to buy, more difficult to handle, potentially hazardous and fewer colors are available.

Different strengths of epoxy are available, so be certain you are getting the correct one for your needs. A worthy paint distributors will be able to determine what you need and answer any questions you may have.

Manufacturers provide detailed instructions on their labels for garage floor paint that are precise. It is in your best interest to read and follow them to the letter! They are written for your protection and for the guarantee of their product...

Painting with epoxy garage floor paint involves several steps and will take 4-5 days to finish, and about a month for the epoxy to be fully cured/dried. If yours is a new slab of concrete to be painted, you will have to wait at least 28 days before you can paint it.

As with concrete paint, the garage floor must be thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed, stains removed, cracks and holes filled in, rinsed thoroughly, etched and absolutely dry before it can be painted.

Weather will play a big part on when you can paint concrete with epoxy. The floor and air temperature must be between 55-90 degrees F for drying/curing. So before you begin, be sure the weather forecast is in your favor to complete the recommended painting and drying time allowance.

Painting with epoxy is tedious, but knowing you won't have to paint the floor again for many, many years is the pay-off!

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