Laminate Wood Flooring
An Outstanding Product!

Laminate wood flooring captures all the beauty and elegance of solid hardwoods! Its realistic hardwood effect will suit any decor and add warmth to any room...

The "simulations" (images) of real hardwoods and unique designs makes laminate wood flooring an exceptional alternative where hardwood is desired but unaffordable or impractical.

As with any flooring material, the more expensive it is the better the quality, or in this case the better the simulation, durability and resistance... The very best come with a lifetime warranty.

With its representation of real hardwoods, affordable PRICE, incredible durability, easy installation and effortless maintenance, the attraction to this flooring material has made it the fastest growing in the industry!

When making comparisons, you'll find that laminate wood flooring has several desirable features not available with solid hardwoods or other types of flooring materials.

Made from HDF (high-density fiberboard) it can be found in every type of wood species imaginable and most stone/hard-tiled flooring too...

See our web page on laminate flooring for manufacturing details.

With proper installation and maintenance laminate flooring will last many years... AND believe me (voice of experience), for the price you will definitely get your monies worth!

Designed to withstand hazards common to most floors; like small burns, staining, scratches, impacts and water absorption.

The same can't be said about porous hardwoods, vinyl or linoleum because all of these types of flooring are susceptible to some or all of these hazards...


Top-end (most expensive) collections feature wood grain patterns that enhances wood simulations so well they look like the "real" thing...

All options are available in all price brackets.

Beveled edge boards enhance the natural wood effect. While planks of different widths offer a rustic feel.

Colors, styles & designs like distressed (pickled or bleached look) and the "herringbone" (parquet) pattern just like real hardwoods.

Tongue & groove boards leave no room for gaps between boards.

Coated with Aluminum Oxide for scratch resistance.

Suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.

Boards can be replaced without replacing the whole floor.

Wax impregnated edges and water resistant cores provides resistance to surface spills and are very suitable for kitchen, bathroom or laundry rooms. Being diligent about wiping up any spills ASAP, and taking every possible measure to protect the flooring from a water/moisture over-flow in areas where the risk is high, will increase the life of the floor and your investment. 


  • Unlike engineered or solid hardwoods, laminate cannot be sanded.
  •  Laminate wood floors have a shorter life-span that hardwoods.
  • With close inspection you can tell it is laminated.

Is It For The Bathroom?

Yes, with exceptions!

Laminate flooring will not tolerate really "wet" areas. Only you can determine if your bathroom is suitable for laminate flooring. If it is too wet of an area, consider another flooring material that tolerates moisture better than wood.

Many manufacturers, like Allco, Mannington and DuPont, make more than one grade of laminate flooring products, including one that is more moisture tolerant.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) resists moisture much better than Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL), and is suitable for bathrooms.

Many laminate wood manufacturers DO NOT recommend their product for bathrooms. So, find one that DOES and follow the manufacturer's advice to a "T"..!


Prices range from as low as $.69 upwards to $4.00 sq/ft., and your location may affect the cost as well... but still far more affordable than solid hardwoods...


One outstanding feature about laminate wood flooring is how easy it is to install (see our web page on installing laminate flooring for guideline details)... Just "click" (tongue & groove) the boards together. No gluing, no nails and no professional needed.

Plus, if you install it yourself (DIY) you can save up to 40% of the total job cost... A very BIG incentive and worth your effort!

Word of advice, if you are doing the installation yourself take your time and be as precise as possible. For your attention to details, the reward will be a fabulous looking floor!


Very little maintenance is needed to keep your laminate wood flooring looking like new for years to come! Just sweep with a soft-bristled broom/brush on a regular basis, that could be daily, to remove any dirt/grit and damp mop as needed.

Placing foot mats at external entryways will help prevent any dirt or grit from being tracked in, and placing pads under the feet of furniture will prevent scratching and scuff marks.

This is one tough flooring material!

KEEP IN MIND: For visual expansion of a room use a light color on the floor and for a more cozy, intimate feel choose a dark color...

Also, laying boards length-wise will make a room seem larger and laying them across the width will make it seem smaller...

We hope you find this information helpful when choosing your laminate wood flooring.

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